Crikvenica is one of the oldest summer resorts on the Mediterranean and a famous health resort with mild climate and luxurious evergreen vegetation. The most dynamic period of the locality is summer. Beautiful sand and pebble beaches offer the pleasure of bathing in clean sea and lying under the shady shelter of Mediterranean vegetation during the long sunny hours. The offer is varied: walks along the seaside and mountain-climbing in the surroundings, practicing of various sports on water and land, fishermen festivities and Carnival follies, dances and entertainment on hotel terraces and night clubs, classic music concerts and painting exhibitions, enjoying in gastronomic specialties, ship and bus excursions to immediate and extended neighbourhood, hunting and fishing. The oldest hotel, Therapia, built in 1895 is worth a visit although today even the old st. Paul monastery has been transformed into a hotel, and it is after the church (church = crkva in Croatian) that the town received its name. Crikvenica is also beautiful in winter, particularly owing to the sumptuous Carnival celebrations held in January and February. There is a whole series of small settlements in its vicinity, among which is Grižane, where the famous painter Juraj Julije Klović, the Reneissance Michelangelo of miniature, was born by the end of the fifteenth century.



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